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Details Schizophrenic

Jc Chasez - Schizophrenic - Cd

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Details The-Biology-of-the-Schizophrenic-Process-Advances-in-Behavioral-Biology-Band-19

This volume contains the edited transcript of the second Totts Gap Colloquium, held at Totts Gap, Pennsylvania, May 29-31, 1975. The objective of the Colloquium was to bring into focus what is known of pathogenic mechanisms of schizophrenic ...

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Details Autobiography-of-a-Schizophrenic-Girl-The-True-Story-of-Renee

No Autobiography of A Schizophren Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Nola-A-Memoir-of-Faith-Art-and-Madness

Nola While reconstructing the life of his schizophrenic sister, who died at the age of 25, Hemley discovers instead the terrible magic writing can yield. Photos & illustrations. Full description

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Details The-Center-Cannot-Hold-My-Journey-Through-Madness

The Center Cannot Hold Saks managed to achieve both professional and personal success in spite of being diagnosed as schizophrenic and given a grave prognosis. In this memoir, she frankly and movingly discusses the disease, and the treatments that ...

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Details Perched-on-Nothings-Branch-Selected-Poems-of-Attila-Jozsef-Terra-Incognita-Series

Listed in Harold Bloom's 'The Western Canon', Jozsef is a major and highly-influential voice in 20th Century Hungarian poetry. This left-wing, schizophrenic poet, who published six books during his brief career, committed suicide at the age of thirty ...

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Details All-the-Missiles-Work-Technological-Dislocations-and-Military-Innovation-A-Case-Study-in-US-Air-Force-Air-to-Air-Armament-Post-World-War-II-Through-Operation-Rolling-Thunder

History reveals a Janus-faced, nearly schizophrenic military attitude towards technological innovation. Some technologies are stymied by bureaucratic skepticism; others are exuberantly embraced by the organization. The opposing perceptions of ...